Language within the setting

Muskham Playgroup is part of Nottinghamshire's "Language for Life" Strategy.


We use gestures and Makaton signs with all children during the following activities:

  • Rhyme Time

  • Story Time

  • Snack Time

  • Routines

  • Play


But Why?

  • Using signs and gestures slows down speech and emphasizes key words. This helps children understand what is being said to them.

  • It helps children to learn new words

  • Usings signs or gestures can help to decrease frustration as they are learning language

You will see symbols or photographs around the setting. For example:

  • Labelling draws and activities

  • Time Table

  • Song Choice cards

  • Choosing snack


But Why?

  • A time table shows you and your child the routine which helps children to feel secure

  • Symbols will be used to help children make choices

  • Use of symbols around a room helps everyone to see where toys are kept.